Integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics

Thanks for all the detailed suggestions Dave, really appreciated.
@Steve_Hammatt , thanks for the micro-ATX tip, I’ll also take a look at them.

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Hi, again!, I already have my new system. I’ve managed to hide a PC case under an armchair, it’s got an intel i5, 8GB RAM, SSD and a GTX1660Super. But the best part is that doing some DIY tasks I managed to install a 27 inch" monitor using Stages SB20 tablet holder (looks similar to Peloton+ now :joy:) , it is robust enough and the result is great. Moreover, following Dave’s advice, the monitor is an adaptive sync display and its image is really fluid and smooth without any flickering. Zwiftalizer shows I’m getting ultra detail at 1440p resolution (native display resolution) at quite high fps (some rides just 70fps average and some around 130fps avg., it seems that it depends on how crowded is zwatopia), awesome!!
However, not everything is perfect yet, as it’s having now some BT connectivity issues, dropping connection sporadically, which never happened using my tablet. I’m trying to solve this right now, don’t know if this new PC has a bad BT antenna or what, so maybe I should buy an Ant+ dongle. The thing is that the PC case is quite close to my SB20, like 1,5m or so. ¿? Anyway, thank you for all your tips!


You should stick it on 4K resolution within the game menu, the 1660 Super can easily handle it and it looks better. You don’t need to match your display resolution, and adaptive sync does the work anyway.

Worth giving ANT+ a go, but chances are it’s an environment thing. Ensure you get the receiver away from the PC, and use a 2.0 port if it’s USB.

OK, thanks Dave, I’ll try 4K, though it seems difficult it could look even better! :+1:
I’ve installed a mini Rii X8 wireless keyboard and I’m afraid its USB dongle could be the reason for the connection issues. I have read zwiftalizer articles regarding this subject and I have to test other things: I’ve checked via a wifi interference app that my upstairs neighbour has a wifi network in the worst zone (9 to 12 channels). However that was not an issue with my tablet. Definitely I’m also going to try a 2.0 USB ANT+ dongle with USB extension cable. I’ll let you know if I get to solve the dropouts.

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I bought an ANT+ dongle and received it next day, so far so good, no more dropouts, at least by now (3 sessions). However I have seen in my log files, that my average RX fails ratio is around 25%. I guess this is too much, although I don’t seem to be able to lower it by relocating the dongle (I get similar RX fail ratio). Anyway, zwiftalizer says my Ant+ connection is good cause I don’t have any dropout. What do you think?, could this high fails rate generate dropouts eventually??

I would not personally recommend Iris Xe chipsets right now. My Dell 5320 (11th gen i5, Iris Xe, 16GB) machine crashes consistently with Zwift.

There’s a lot of stuff on Google about people experiencing issues with games crashing, the Surface Laptop 3 in this thread has a slightly different Iris Plus, but posted my account there:

Surface Laptop 3 - Event 4101 "Display driver igfxn stopped - Microsoft Community

Definitely a buyer beware and you’ll see from the patch notes on the Intel site just how many fixes and how many known issues there are.

Maybe I’m just unlucky, but for now I’m having to use my old Surface Pro 6 with Intel 620 HD.

Hi all - for those that ended up on this blog post for issues with iris xe like i did, i finally found a solution to my issue. I was having stuttering graphics with constant FPS drops. I tried everything generally recommended for zwift (increased priority, wired ethernet on mesh network, disabling ant private for tacx neo etc) and was not having any luck. I was surprised b/c using an older laptop with uhd620 graphics was not causing the same issue. I soon realized that the issue was only when i had an external monitor connected to my laptop (both using HDMI and displayport). I stumbled across another forum where a user suggested to someone who was having video lag issues on their tv to stop extending/mirroring the display and just set it up so the external monitor is the only output. I tried this and it worked! Hope this helps.

Hi Joshua,

Already tested that, unfortunately for me doesn’t help.

sorry to hear. Did you try disabling the xbox game bar? There is a setting that records in the background that supposedly causes some issues but i disabled altogether since don’t plan on otherwise gaming.

Also in the graphics settings you can increase priority of specific apps (apart from doing it in the task manager).

Hi James - the output fix only worked for a couple of rides before the issue reappeared. I inadvertently noticed that the issue was only appearing when my laptop was plugged in. When it was unplugged i had very stable FPS but when it was plugged in it was constantly up and down. In my bios, i realized that the power plan was set to balanced for battery but max performance for plugged in. Lenovo tech support recommended changing the plugged in settings to balanced and it appears to have at least resolved the issue for now. May be worth checking out as well