Integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics

Thanks Dave, I also thought about the MacBook Air M1, as every review says they are incredible (fast, efficient, etc), but I cannot use it on the tablet holder for Zwift and there are a few only windows programs that I need for my work, so it’s not an option for me.
Current 15" 2 in 1 laptops that I know come with a 1650Ti card, not 1660Ti. I’m also worried about their thermal performance, and they come with 10th gen intel so, not only the GPU but also the CPU is not as efficient. Of course, they aren’t cheap either.
That is why I liked the 11th core i7 + Iris Xe laptops (as the one from @tjacoby), and reviews show that temperature-wise they perform fine.
As I don’t have any references, will I find any difference between Galaxy S7+ and one of these Iris Xe laptops?. Regarding the S7+ displaying Zwift, I really like how fluid it works and how it shows shadows and lights. However, I think given its chip-set it should have a little more of detail but I don’t have any devices to compare. Moreover, for that size, maybe more detail is not so obvious. I understand that the detail for android devices is in ‘basic’ config so I suppose that the quality with an Iris Xe laptop will be just similar but with a bigger display. ¿?
Other option is just wait for 2-in-1 11th gen intel laptops whenever they came with discrete graphics.

Correct; unless Zwift HQ add the Iris Xe to one of the higher profile lists (Medium seems most likely, but that’s still a big step up from Basic) then you’ll get the same baseline detail from that as any Android device. Resolutions may differ slightly per device though.

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Very Nice, you win the internet today! I was using a 7th gen i7 XPS 13 with the integrated iris 640 iGPU before. I did quite a bit of research on thermal throttling and found notebookcheck net a great site for comparing offerings with real performance reporting. Almost all of the smaller 13" TigerLake offerings suffer from extensive thermal throttling, the dGPU’s likely won’t help any; hence my Razer decision with great cooling. The 15" with dGPU’s will definitely give you better graphics. I may go with an AMD NUC with a dGPU just for Zwift. I don’t believe the CPU performance between the Ice Lake and Tiger Lake chipsets are very significant. If it wasn’t for Intel cornering the premium laptop market I’d of gone with an AMD offering - so much more performance for the $'s. There are zero AMD laptops with 13 or 14" QHD or UHD screens. For overall performance I found the Wahoo Headwind to be my best investment, even though I was using large floor fans prior.

It will run fine I have tested Zwift on my Intel HD520 graphics which is considerably older than the new Iris XE. Plus it works on Phone ARM chips any onboard graphics will be fine

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Unrelated to the thread - @Jorge_LC any feedback on the Stages bike?

Thanks @tjacoby, I’ve been looking at notebookcheck and it is really an interesting site. I also agree with you, there should be more AMD offerings for the smaller premium laptops and 2 in 1 convertibles, but it is what it is, so I think I’ll wait for new CES announcements. For example, yesterday Lenovo presented a 14" Yoga 7i with OLED display and Nvidia MX450 (discrete but not as good as 1660Ti). I guess there will be more things coming soon.

Hi again, we’re really enjoying our new SB20. It is very robust and well made, and it’s so easy to adjust everything: height, saddle or handlebars, even for my daughters. The dreamgear concept is also great for zwifting. Road feel is fantastic because of the big flywheel. It seems expensive but we are 4 at home(we’ve got 2 daughters) and now everyone is riding every week, to the point we are starting to have ‘schedules’ issues. :laughing:
On the other hand, I also had some issues with the original flywheel, it started to make weird noises. However, Stages Europe support was great and in less than a week, we had a new flywheel installed by a technician. So, all in all really happy. Now I just need to improve, I just started cycling, I’ve always been into swimming but zero cycling. :sweat_smile: So, I’m really bad, but never mind because that way, it’s easier to improve. :crazy_face:
Hope this helps, are you planning to buy a smart bike??

Yes @Jorge_LC - I’m considering a SB, although I’m a solo user in my house. I have a dedicated trainer bike and she’s showing a lot of age (maybe 80k km’s before retired to the trainer). I like seeing you early adopters work through all the teething problems first, and would like to see some local inventory to try them out first. I’m not Keen on hauling a 100lb SB to my LBS for repairs, if they can even work on them. Having Stages do a house call is a great option.

For Zwift GPU’s; I’ve just ordered the Razer eGPU case to hold an old Nvidia 1060 SC 6GB GPU we have lying around, will see how it goes. I doubt Zwift will ever reward much more powerful GPU’s - will see.

A 1060 6GB is enough for 4K at 60fps in most [solo] rides. :+1: