Intel Iris Plus 645 or Nvidia GTX 1650 MaxQ

Dear ride friends,

My old Macbook Air 2013 went to heaven, so i need to buy another laptop for me and Zwift. I am undecided between 2019 model of Macbook Pro 13, with Intel Iris Plus 645, or an Asus ZenBook with a dedicated graphics card Nvidia GTX 1650 Max Q with 4 GB of RAM. I never had the chance to test not to see any review related to Zwift on Intel Iris Plus 645 graphics card, so i do not know how this GPU can handle Zwift. I know Nvidia 1650 is a capable one, but i do really like the screen of Macbook machine. Do you think that Iris Plus 645 is more capable than an Apple Tv 4K? I want to use Zwift with all effects maxed out, i want to see shadows and everything, at a resonable FPS. Can you give me an advice ?

Thank you

Take a look at some benchmarks.
Example PassMark:

Intel Iris Plus 645
Mark 1949, Ranking 394

GeForce GTX 1650 with Max-Q Design
Mark 6326 Ranking 129

There are other benchmarks, too.

This post, over on Zwift insider, has some information on the graphics cards best suited for zwifting. He does discuss going overboard and he does discuss some items that would seem to be great but do not work well with Zwift but do not.

Thank you guys!
Individual reviews of the Intel Plus 645 i found on the internet, but not related to Zwift. It seems that a safer and cheaper variant is to go for that Asus Zenbook Laptop. Beeing an Apple user for many years is kinda difficult to accept Windows, but they improved the OS a lot in the last years, and Apple become very pricy. I am not doing video/photo editing to justify a Macbook price, on my home laptop i just browse web, listen music, youtube, Zwift and now with this city lockdown i am thinking in playing games.