Installing Zwift on Nordictrac?

Anyone install zwift on a Nordictrac treadmill and make it work with iFit ?

I have done something like this, but doesn’t work, but so close.I also did the hack so privilege mode was always on and you can toggle back and forth between apps. I’m still getting the same result. All connects fine. Start the iFit, set a speed, the speed matches on the qz app. Open zwift start a run, the avatar is running at the speed of the treadmill. Increase speed, treadmill picks up the speed, but on zwift it stays the same and the qz doesn’t change. When I toggle back to iFit the screen is white with just the logo showing and doesn’t go back to the manual workout. It’s so close to work. Not sure how to fix or a better solution. Would be nice to watch zwift of the huge Nordictrack screen.