Install Stuck on Pending [Android]

I am trying to install Zwift on Android via Google Play.
My tablet is Samsung SM-T820. According to Google Play it should be compatible but install just sits in “Pending…” state indefinitely.

Jim J

Hi @Jim_Jackson

Does the pending start right away, or does it happen part way through the download?

If it starts immediately, the most likely cause is that your tablet is having a hard time connecting to the Google content delivery servers. If it happens mid install, it may be that the download from Google Play is corrupted.

Try using a different internet connection, such as a mobile hotspot or a friend’s Wi-Fi- that uses a different ISP. this should force the download to use a different connection path to Google and get a fresh copy instead of the files instead of one that may be corrupted.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the quick response Terry.
I realised that it was not a Zwift issue but a Google Play one. No apps could be installed. Not sure what I did specifically to my Google account settings but it is okay now.
Thanks Jim J

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That’s awesome, I’m glad it’s working now!

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Sometimes if this happens if you change the download preference to be over any network (even if your device is wifi only) this can fix it.

It is a google play bug that happens sometimes.