Injury - ZWIFT Rank - How about now?

Hello comrades,

First of all sorry for my rusty English.

I would to know if this can be done.

Basically I had a crash and broke my hip in 3 different places in a real life race. This happened on the 17th of October.

The doctor said to me that will let me train after 8 weeks. (Finally…!)

The main question. I was a A+ rider, 66/67kg with +350w of FTP… Well… That isn’t the nowadays reality…

I would love to start training and racing on a lower category, will I have to wait the 90 days to see changes in my rank? No way I will be able to run at As… ir even Bs… Ate the beginning.

Thanks for helping me.


You might try emailing zwiftpower, explaining your situation, and requesting a change. There’s an explanation on how to contact Zwiftpower in the second post in the thread linked below.

Hope you recover quickly and fully.

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Thank you!

Ride on!

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