Indoor Cycling Studios?

I’m trying to find indoor cycling studios with “real” bikes.

Anyone know of anything?

I have been searching for Zwift studios or coaching studio that uses Zwift. All I keep coming up with is Peloton and Spin classes.

Central London.


If you’re talking about real bikes attached to trainers, I’d be surprised if you found one. The reason spin bikes/smart bikes are good for studios is that they’re more adjustable for wider ranges of people. A spin studio with actual bikes is going to mean that each bike is a specific size, and even changing something like seatpost height is a much bigger deal than flipping a lever on a spin bike and pushing/pulling.

You might try contacting some smart bike manufacturers to ask who their business customers are in your area. Since you said London, you could start with Wattbike.

There’s a few Wattbike studios knocking about.

There was one kingston way, by the sigma sports shop.

Edit - Kingston, not Richmond.

Or Wahoo KICKR bikes.

Just can’t find anything.

Everything seems to come up as spin classes.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll keep searching.

I’m hoping someone from Zwift London office pops in here?

The only one I knew of was Athlete Lab in London (who also had a Sydney and Singapore outlet) using those hefty Powerwatts bikes.

Unfortunately London and Sydney closed.

Looking online I cannot see any others at the moment that replicate what AL was sadly. They all look like Peleton duplicates. :frowning:

This is the sort of thing I prefer:

“Chops” is a good coach as well.

I think this is exactly what I should be looking for:

Coach in Central London who can set me up with a proper bike.