Inconsistent cadence with Wahoo cadence meter and Zpower

 I’m using Wahoo cadence, speed, and heart monitor with a classic (Giant) trainer. I joined a training ride that alternated between 245 watts at 85 rpm and 130 watts (with no rpm specified).  On the 245w/85rpm segments, my cadence was inconsistent and jumped randomly between 40 and 110, even though my rpm  was steady.  But on the 130w segments, the RPM was steady.  Any ideas on why and how to solve this issue?  Thanks. 

You might need a stronger magnet on the wheel.

Hi David, if you are using the Blue SC speed & cadence sensor, make sure the cadence magnet on the crank arm is aligned such that it is passing by the indicator line on the body of the Wahoo Blue SC sensor.  Also make sure the gap between the magnet and sensor is no more than 4mm.

If using the RPM Cadence sensor, make sure it is oriented properly and not shifting, especially if using the shoe mount.

Ride on!

Thanks.  I don’t have a magnet on the wheel or Blue SC.  I’m using the RPM cadence sensor, mounted securely on inside of non-drive side crank.  I will double check the zip ties to make sure they’re still secure, but I haven’t noticed any looseness.  I’ve only had it for a few months.  .

Hi David,  thanks for the extra info.  If the issue is with the sensor, you should see the same behavior when using the Wahoo Fitness app to monitor the cadence.  You also could try a fresh battery in the sensor.  A low battery might make things go a bit flaky.