In-game UI - current time clock

(Johny Moor) #1


Firstly, fantastic training app, works seamlessly with my wahoo kickr.

It would be great to have a clock (configurable time-zone e.g. use the profile country). I run the game in full screen so hides the OS X menu bar.

Keep up the great work !


Best, Johnathan

(K.C. Race3R) #2

Especially given the delay in Zwift Messaging that can make Race Starts quite challenging, we really need an in Game clock that displayes time in UTC. We do not initially need it to be time zone flexible as it is really just the minutes and seconds that we need to have displayed please. Is it possible that this addition is coming? THANKS ZwiftHQ.

(Trevor Dias) #3

Agree, would be really handy for races and group rides