Clock on ATV

Please add a clock on the display showing the local time on the ATV. Anywhere on the screen would work. Nice and big would be nice.

It’s very common that I have to quit my workout at a specific time of day rather that at a specific duration or distance completed. I need to easily see the current local time! :grinning:

Do you use the companion app on your phone or iPad? The time is always available at the top of the screen. You could also put a clock near whatever device you’re running Zwift on. It seems that adding the time is something that would not be needed my many people, as there are so many other time-telling devices already available.

This isn’t an awful idea, just one that should probably be farther down the list that a lot of others.

The iOS app has the clock but doesn’t keep details of multiple users at the log in screen like the tvOS app does.

Not being a programmer I don’t know, but could it possibly be as simple as stealing a module from each app to put in the other?

Why would you need multiple users? I am talking about using ATV for Zwift (which allows two users, I think), but using an iPhone or iPad to run the Companion app concurrently. And the iPhone/iPad will have a clock visible while ZC is running.

The OP could also just set an alarm on their phone for the time they need to stop.

If there are lots of people clamoring for this to be added, great. I guess I’m just thinking there are other things higher on the list that Zwift could improve, and that the OP could get what they are looking for without any real investment.

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Nigel - I was just commenting on the differences between the tvOS and iOS versions, commenting that the iOS version shows the current time at the top of the Zwift screen which the OP is basically asking for, but I was also mentioning (admittedly an unrelated feature) how the tvOS app lets you have two users on the main login screen whereas the iOS app doesn’t.

To explain why that feature would be useful in my use case is that my wife and I both have individual Zwift accounts and have an iPhone attached to the treadmill permanently solely for Zwift, so we both use the same iPhone, not our own individual ones. Therefore, if I used it last and she wants to use it, she has to go to “change user”, then “add existing user” and login with her email and password. And then the next time I use it, I have to do the same (and this happens everytime, not just the first time). The tvOS version doesn’t make you re-type your password when switching between two users. We don’t use the companion app. So, a small, 1st world problem, but just pointing out a difference.

And yes, both that issue and the clock issue are not important requests, but they are still requests!

I don’t think the AppleTV shows the clock on the main app launch screen, where you choose what app to run, does it?
If it does, like an iPhone does, then there is an case to be made.
If it doesn’t, then why show a clock when that’s not natively shown?

I don’t know, only had my ATV for a few days before I sent it back cos I couldn’t live with the remote.

I would think the ATV knows the time though, displayed on the home screen or not.

I’m sure for the Zwift developer it would probably be an easy task to take the time from ATV and show it on Zwift…however, if it is easy, you’d have to ask why it hasn’t been done? Perhaps its not easy after all.

The clock doesn’t show on the Mac app, what about PC?

Looking like the op is out of luck.

Think the pennies dropped and I see the issue (I think Dan alluded to it earlier).

I was running yesterday using Zwift on an iPhone. I noticed that the phone battery icon was shown in its usual place and so was the clock (same place as they are displayed when on the iOS home screen).

So, my thinking now is that displaying the time is nothing to do with Zwift, but instead it is just the iPhone overlaying the time on-top of the Zwift screen.

So previously I was thinking it would just be stealing some code from the iPhone app, I think now its a feature that doesn’t exist within Zwift, so it would be a whole new thing to implement.