Time of day clock

(Stuart Davis) #1

I’d like to see the time of day (ie my computer’s clock time) displayed somewhere while I’m riding.



(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

Rather than giving space in the user interface, if you run it in windowed mode your operating system should have a clock display.

(Stuart Davis) #3

Well yes and no. sure it does, but that’s on the task bar which is on my laptop’s screen and not readable when on the bike; I run Zwift on my second display on a large TV.

An unobtrusive clock in the corner would be far better. Obviously with an option in settings to turn it on or off as required too.

(Peter Harrison) #4

Maybe a bit too radical, but why not invest in some kind of wall clock within view when on your trainer? 

(Stuart Davis) #5

Laughing at all the idiots who have a clock on their computer screen, taking up valuable space, when they could just go and buy a proper clock.

I’m well crazy me, having a wall clock literally on the wall to my right, and yet still thinking how convenient it would be to have a clock in view all the time on screen, in the corner, where there’s plenty of room. Such idiocy will see me put away, for sure.