Add a clock to the main screen

Hi folks,

I know sometimes menu systems / nav-bar logic is more difficult to mess with than it seems… but why not add an (optional) clock to the main screen? If I’m jumping in/out of events, zones, etc I don’t always have a way to track time without getting off the bike, using a touchscreen, or buying an external clock. Don’t bother letting it feature-creep with clock configuration crap, either inherit from the system clock or use the user profile’s timezone. I bet the getter-aspect of this already solved in code… just needs to be rendered and made into a toggled feature.

But surely you spend so little time on the main page it would be better to have it on the world screen?

As you say if you’re jumping in and out of events & zones unless you end ride each time you’ll just stay in the world.
Been requested before but for me more useful to have it during activity.

Personally, I just look at the watch on my wrist :wink::rofl::+1:

I suppose I ought to reconsider my wording! I believe all of the four main “tabs” reuse the same nav-bar. I would assume the clock would just be a feature of that top nav-bar, whether you’re on the main screen, upcoming events, explore routes, or workout screens.

I do agree that it would be useful to have a clock overlay available as a feature in the main game as well.