Suggest all events be published with UTC start time, and UTC only.

(Nicholas Rodie) #1

When I try and determine the start time of an event I will typically enter the time in google. As a recent example, I entered 9 am PDT, 12:00 EDT, 17:00 BST, & 18:00 CET. The results I got were 2 am, 2 am, 3 am, & 4 am, respectively. So while odds favor 2 am, I am still unsure. Sadly though, 2 am wouldn’t be fair on others around me, so I won’t see you at the Jensie Gran Fondo :frowning:

Until the synced calendar is (hopefully) implemented, I think it might be less confusing to enter just the UTC (GMT) time.



(Ken Meyer) #2

I’d be happy too if UTC was used(need not be exclusive IMO), but UTC works in physics and it works in aviation pretty well, so it should work in Zwift too :wink:

(Brett Martin) #3

All rides and races quote local times for riders in whatever UTC Timezone they are in…Confusing?

I propose Zwift make a Zwift time (Z time) that can correspond to all rides posted. Make it the same as UTC time or whatever, as long as it is a Standard time we can all get used to.

When I log in have the Z time up in the corner of the screen of the just ride or join riders list, or wherever is convenient.


(Nicholas Rodie) #4

Local times suit local riders, Zwift is universal. We already have UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), which to me seems appropriate for a universal application. Why create another standard? 


My thinking is that anyone can easily learn what UTC time limits suit their schedule, which makes browsing events easier.


My wish of course - second hint Zwift :wink: - is an events calendar built into the program.

(Brett Martin) #5

There was already a Richmond worlds course, so why recreate the same course on Zwift?

Obviously there is already times that we can post, as people do all over the world. Nothing wrong with Zwift going with one of those, that’s my point. Just give it a unique name. Why not?

(Nicholas Rodie) #6

I believe they had to recreate the Richmond worlds course, because the Richmond City Council didn’t want their streets littered with a whole lot of sweaty people on stationary trainers :wink:


Yes, Zwift could have Z time. But until they do, I’m suggesting it might make it easier for the community if times were published in UTC.