In Game purchases

In game purchases i.e Bikes and Wheels

So what are you willing to Pay for a TRON Bike with Disc wheels? 

£10 - £15 each think

Did no-one ever play Gran Turismo or Elite?

Zwift has missed a trick in letting users exchange experience points for goodies of their choice in my humble opinion.  There should never have been prescribed rewards for levels but an open market place of goods such as frames, wheels and soft goods instead.  Just my 2c.

That is good idea

Not popular this one is :wink:

I prefer to earn my rewards, I look forward to having the Tron Bike or being level 25. when I see someone with a cool bike or at level 25 I know how much work they put into Zwifting. 


Philip, would you like to buy my Tron bike, it comes in plenty of colours and I could let it go for £500 cash!!

You can then sit on the road side looking good without bothering to do any work to “earn” it. But I guess you already have it anyway…

Given that the pound is rubbish I take €500.


This is a great idea if we want Zwift to move from a system of rewards for riding and getting fitter, into a system of rewards where we do nothing and instead just click “buy” buttons.

Wait, that sounds awful.

It could be interesting to allow you to still earn XP through riding but choose what to exchange those rewards for.  But that sounds like a lot of development work for something that’s probably not something people will care about a lot.