Has anyone uploaded the Ironman WA Busselton course onto Zwift?

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It isn’t possible to upload routes to Zwift.

It’s not possible to upload a course, but there is a website that will create a workout based on the course profile. While it may not look like the IM route on screen it will “feel” like it.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the website. Hopefully someone will post a link soon.

This is the one you were looking for. Converters | What's on Zwift?

But most IM courses are flat so you can just ride some flat routes.

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Thanks the one. Thanks Gerrie :+1:

There are some IM courses that are equivalent to rolling/punchy road racing parcours. There are a few over 6000ft of elevation gain, for example. Just looked for a comparison out of curiosity–6000ft over 112mi, and Stage 4 of the 2022 TdF was 1894m/6213ft over 171k/106mi. That’s worth training for :slight_smile:

Of course IM Maryland is 98ft, lol.