Identify blue guy pace

Would it be possible to display on the backs of the blue guys (or above them the way rider names appear) the approx. lap time at which they are riding?  This way if you want to ride at a particular pace, or get a feel for a particular pace you can jump on the bak of one of the virtual riders to experience and practice pacing.

I realise that all the numbers are there on screen for how you are riding anyway, but if you want to train for a particular time having a pace rider to practice with helps, in much the same way that large marathon running events have pace runners that amateurs can run with aiming for a set time.

Possibly even colour the blue guys different based on fast medium or slow pace as a further option.

Would it not be easier to setup or use an existing workout? You can set the pace upfront.

I use the workouts frequently for recovery rides to ride at constant and lower W/kg as I can not control my brain when people are passing me :slight_smile:

You probably could do it with Workout editor, but if the blue guys are already roaming the Island then why not make use of them.  Also gives riders a chance to practise staying on a wheel.  

The other benefit is not having to do it for a fixed duration, you could pick up a blue guy at a certain pace and then if you decide it’s too fast or too slow, simply pass it or drop off.

It’s just about having a bit more flexibility with something that is already roaming the course.

You might be interested in this thread on Facebook I started back in October, with the same goal. I also included some screenshots/mock-ups: