w/kg numbers on the backs of AI riders.

(Gareth Hall TeamZF ZwiftOZ Ventalin2000) #1

I think the addition of a number on the back of each AI rider indicating the w/kg (or whatever unit of measure is deemed appropriate) it is pumping out would be great, then you could pick an AI to match your pace.



(Justin La Vigne) #2

Great idea, would love to see this. It would also be great to have more AI riders at the 3.5+ w/kg fitness level.  

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

Sort of along the lines of Justin’s comments, I find generally that the AI riders are rarely pacing close to my desired range.  I’m passed by some very quick AI riders or (more often) I’m passing them, but rarely do I find my blue soul mate on Watopia.

I suspect the reason is simply that the AI rider that is a good match is ~4 minutes up the virtual road and because we are going the same pace we never see each other.  In my long and lonely hours on the trainer I’ve had time to think on this and I’m curious to know if the AI riders are a fixed and permanent fixture, or does some game intelligence conjure them up on an as needed basis?

If the latter, I suggest it might be nice if they cycle into the game around the start/finish area.  In this way, beyond just seeing a w/kg figure on their avatars, they would actually be riding near your pace.  Just think of it… my personal pacer based on my average power/pace so far.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #4

Great minds think alike! See my post on Zwift Riders (with mock-up screenshots) and lengthy discussions here: