AI with defined Power

(Chris Pollett #twespae) #1

Just a thought for those trying to pace etc. Have some AI that have a number over/in them that indicates the power/or w/kg that is required to pace. Want to pace at 3.25w/kg find that AI etc. You could even have a couple show up in the ‘join’

(David Youngman) #2

Was thinking this today as well. Could give the AIs Jersey numbers with their power to keep it looking smart?

(Rory ERRACEdotORG) #3

I would like to see a w/kg # on the AI also. Would be very helpful in picking one to pace off of.

(Andrew Cole C) #4

Just logged in to make this same request. Thanks.

(David Smith) #5

That’s a great idea

(Steve Whiteley) #6

+1 on this idea. Difficult to find someone to ‘ride with’ on occasions. Make your own AI bot and choose power so you can ride with them. This could also be used for ‘ghost’ training - motivational

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #7

Yes, this is similar to how they work in the computrainer rm1 program. Much more useful there than with swift’s current use of them, IMO.