Icorrect Timing on Prompts During Workout

It appears that in the latest version of Zwift, 1.32.0 (106182) some of the prompts either are flat out not supposed to be there, or triggering too early. I think its likely the latter.

FTP Builder
Week 5/6 Foundation (1:03)
3 min @~87%FTP

There are two blocks in this workout day that had this specific issue. During these blocks at one out of three minutes into the block (i.e. with 2 minutes remaining in the block) the text “In 30sec, we’re going to drop to zone 2, but keep the cadence the same.” appears. This appears to be in error as this doesn’t happen until the end of this block.

This message should be appearing 1:30 later in the block, or put in other terms, with 30 seconds to go in the block.

I have this caught the second occurrence of this in a screenshot, and can share upon request.

There was also a textual bug early on in the workout where two blocks of text appeared at the same time, but one disappeared within about 5 seconds and the other remained on screen.

I do not have this one caught with a screen shot.

Can we please review that messages are triggering at the proper times? Thanks!