Icons on race screen

I have been curious what the two icons I have circled in red represent. The first screen shows the two icons at the top right of the Race Gate screen. What does the red icon mean and what does the black icon mean.

It appears the same icons are on the pop up screen upon completion of a race; they are circled in red. What does the red icon represent and what does the back icon represent.



this is a great question – i’ve wondered about it myself!

The number in black is the total number of participants in the given event (should be similar whether a race or group ride) and the number in orange is the number of current participants which you are following. If you look up an event in the companion app you will see these icons. If you touch the icon it should produce a list which has the orange or followed participant(s) at the top and the remaining participants below.
Hope that helps.


Also in the first picture if you hover over the little i near the w/kg lightning bolt up the top right of screen but to the left of your circle it will give a list of people in the pens, ordered with who you follow and who you don’t.


cool thanks. very helpful.

Ride On!