What do the icons mean along the bottom of the mini map?


Referring to the “mini map” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (sample above), I assume the orange arrow icon represents me, and the direction that the arrow is pointing reflects the direction that I am riding.  There are 3 of the orange arrow icons: one displayed on the road in the main display area of the map, one displayed in the upper right corner of the mini map, where the elevation/grade percentage is shown, and then one along the bottom edge of the map, which shows the “zoomed out” elevation profile of the course.

I also understand that the white circles on the mini map indicate other riders on the course.

My question is, what do the 3 large icons indicate that are along the very bottom edge of the mini map?  The first is an orange and white checkered pattern, the second is a green circle, and the third is an orange circle with a white “Z” inside of it.  The 3 icons look like Christmas tree ornaments.  What does each one indicate?

Thank you!


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Looks like you’re on the ‘Hilly Course’. First is the Watopia KOM banner. Second is the Italian Village sprint banner and third is the main finish line.

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Thanks!  So, I guess that means there are probably some different icons that I will see down there on other courses.  Does anyone happen to know if there is a “legend” somewhere that identifies all of the different icons that might show up in the mini map?



appears to be the end of  “challenges?” But I’d like to see where they start. KOM probably starts at bottom of the climb, but I often don’t know when sprints “START”  As I’m often dying and looking down with exhaustion. = )


There is a flashing marker at the side of the road and flashing lights across the road whenever a segment starts. Different colours for different segments.

the street light? I’ve seen them flash - but never understood why. 

They’ve improved the visibility of the starting segments a bit with the strobing lights going across the road. But most of the time i still miss them…I would prefer something even more obvious - say an overhead banner strung across the road???

is it just me, or is that elevation % so tiny and nearly impossible to read?  :(  Rather useful info.  More so than the list of riders that takes up much of the right side of the screen…would like to make that go away and enlarge the mini-map and text on it.


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