I think i got the Strava KOM segment built...

I realized we all have a little Strava issue due to the gradient being artificial. It would be cool if we moved forward by cycling legit gradients in otherwise un-cycleable places so the topographical data would jive with the virtual world. Maybe some arctic islands like Devon Island? (http://en-au.topographic-map.com/places/Devon-Island-3526768/) Would be a hell of a ride - even if it wasn’t 58 below!
In any event, I think this is the real KOM and of course I went and killed it to figure it out, so it’s game on now!

I assume that is both pieces of the climb with the short downhill in between? The KOM sprint segment on the system starts about 500m from the sprint finish or at least one of the Zwift staff said so in a previous thread.

Nah this is from one marker/gate to the next one - ends at the polka dot KOM gate before that middle flat spot. I assumed that was intended to denote the KOM.

Ok, so your strava segment is from the end of the first sprint point to the end of the KOM sprint? The in-game segment is shorter. My best time on that segment is 72 seconds and change.

Yeah - good point. I couldn’t quite figure out what the markers were. I guess the one you mentioned is indeed the end of the sprint because a) it’s the end of a flat area and b) the marker is green. The marker on the “gate” though shows a bike angled up, so I was thinking it was the KOM start. By the same token I’ve had no clue what the times I see when I pass under any checkpoints mean. That 72 second time sounds like about what I’ve seen passing under the polka dot banner and I have no clue where it started. I bet you are right but we’d need a little marker to know where it started. Funny enough, since the gradients don’t match in “real life”/strava, I actually pinpointed the start/stop with my power… from when I got on it to when I got off. (and I used the flags/banners to note that.)
Bottom line though - yeah kill it banner to banner!

I think I have the two sprint points segmented on Strava now also.

Yeah sranks is filling out nicely. I need to get out there and give it what for. Trainer season is arriving!