I don’t get how it works, noob here

So I have a specialized DI2 disc comp tarmac. I got the Robert axel, and the saris trainer.

The bikes tire when viewing from behind is not in the middle but pointing to the left.

I read in the instructions, to put the clamp til the saris trainer clicks, unfortunately it doesn’t click it pretty much goes all the way until it hits my carbon wheels. That’s the first issue.

Second issue, is I was in the highest gear (2) with the lowest back cog selected (11) and I could pedal like a maniac, yet my avatar was legitimately moving like two inches.

So I don’t get how to work this or what I’m doing wrong but I’m pedaling like a fiend and my guy is literally crawling.

The back tire is not dead centered no matter how many times I get it that way.

Any advise is welcomed

What Saris trainer do you have? Are you sure the Bike is clamped on the wheel skewer?

What part of the carbon dose it hit. I should touch the tire, check your tire pressure, it should be 100psi for a road bike.

I think that trainer has to be calibrated using the saris app.

Different trainer but it may help.

I did use the calibration on my iPad.

Did it calibrate successful?