I did it! I bought a secondhand kickr snap! Total newbie!

So I finally did it, I bought a secondhand kickr snap 2017 - what I could afford.
I am going to buy a cyclocross bike, the GT Grade Claris - Hope the kickr snap works!

So quick questions - With the gt grade claris bike, will I need to swap out the skewer to mount it on the trainer?

And will I definetly need to swap to a slick tire? Even just to ride it while the slick tire arrives? Need to order one as the bike shop where I am buyinf says they dont have any in stock!

Help, I wanna test it all out as soon as possible so I know the secondhand kickr snap works!


So will this work or will I have to swap out the skewer?

Hi Jose,
I’m not totally sure but I don’t think you will need another skewer unless
you are worried about the possibility of scratching the skewer that comes
with the bike.

Hope that helps.
PS I think when purchased new, the Snap comes with a spare skewer
probably for that reason.

I tried to take the rear wheel off…should have taken the kickr skewer to the shop but forgot! Got home and can’t undo the lever to take the skewer off the bike and swap it for the kickr snap one…:frowning:

Is there anything I can do…going to have to get a taxi to the bike shop…:frowning: - cant ride too far.

Hi Jose, if I read you right, you cant take the current skewer out of the frame, and unless its a high-end lightweight one, I dont think its necessary, just leave it in place. The Kickr does come with a pretty standard, heavy skewer to replace your own one should you want to, but unless you have crazy light, $$$ skewers, I wouldnt worry too much.

and Grats on the trainer, I use that one and have been loving it, its a great buy!

I would suggest using the skewer that came with the Kickr. They are designed to fit in the rounded ends of the clamp to hold your bike securely to the trainer. Some skewers have a flat end that might not fit perfectly in the clamping device.