Horizontal dropouts on a trainer?

does anyone have any experience putting a bike with horizontal dropouts on a trainer? is it safe? do i need a special skewer? can you sprint on that kind of setup? some TT bikes have horizontal dropouts, and most track bikes do, too, so it seems like someone must have done this at some point?

it seems like it might be a bad idea, but i haven’t really been able to turn up anything positive or negative with a web search or on youtube. (i think that the word “dropout” is killing my search, too – i’m getting stuff about bluetooth connections failing instead of the “part of the bike that holds the rear wheel onto the frame”)

What trainer are you trying to use? It likely doesn’t matter on the orientation of the dropout slots as long as you have the correct skewer or thru axle recommended by the trainer vendor. I have a folding bike with vertical dropouts currently on a Saris H3 and previously on a Cyclops Fluid2 with no issues. On both I use the skewer recommended by Saris.

wahoo kickr snap right now, but considering an upgrade to kickr or maybe neo2t.

I have ridden a Cervelo P2 and a P3 (both have horizontal drop outs) on both a fluid (Kinetic) and a smart (Hammer) trainer, with the same skewer I use for the road, and never had any problems.