Cube Attain 2020 with Wahoo Kickr Snap

I currently ride a Cube Attain from 2020 and was planning on buying a Wahoo Kickr Snap so i can ride on zwift. I noticed that my quick release endings are square and i believe that these need to be round to be able to properly mount it into the Snap.

Does anyone know if this is actually an issue? If so, where cna i buy end caps that go from square to round?

Thanks in advance

If you get the Snap you should replace the quick release with a steel one that has domed ends. Here’s an example. Any bike shop should have it (many of them have a box of used skewers like this kicking around).

And if you can afford a direct drive trainer like the Kickr Core, it would give a better riding experience with less maintenance work, and no need to buy a skewer.

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Thank you for your input Paul. Is it safe to ride outside with that replacement skewer? My local bikeshop said a new quick release is not needed that there are also caps you can put on it instead of replacing the skewer?

I can buy a Snap fairly cheap for 125 euros and since i am not sure how much i will actually ride indoors i cannot justify it to myself to pay +350 euros for a 2nd hand direct drive. That is the cheapest i could find in my area which was a Zwift hub. The cheapest Kickr Core around here would cost me 400 euros.

Yes you can use the trainer skewer outdoors. It’s basically what all skewers looked like 30+ years ago.

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The seller gave me a skewer that fits the wahoo kickr snap. But it does miss a lever? For the snap its not a problem but i assume that when riding outside it will need a lever to fasten it?

Can you post some pictures of it? There are some that tighten with a hex wrench. I’m curious what the ends look like.

Yep that one tightens with a hex wrench. As long as it’s tight enough you can ride it outdoors. Torque should be checked periodically. If there’s a torque specification stamped on it somewhere I would check it with a torque wrench.

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Thank you very much for your responses!