Hunter's Challenge for February - who's in?!

I was looking through the Zwift training plans / workout sets, and Hunter’s Challenge really caught my eye:

28 workouts in 28 days, and they’re pretty hard to boot. I’m thinking of doing this in February (adding in one day off of your choice over the course of the month) and was thinking this would be fun to do with others.

So - anyone interested? The fun starts tomorrow!

Hi @Stephen_Katuska_2663 welcome to the forum.

Hunter’s Challenge is not for the faint hearted.

It has an average of 804 stress points (TSS) per week. I have been building up to 600 TSS per week so there is no way that I can jump to 800 TSS per week.

I have done some of Hunter’s workouts and they are good and hard.

I would suggest doing a FTP test before you start with the plan.

Agreed - it looks like a real beast of a month. Looking at it again - the first 3 weeks actually look reasonable (I’m up to ~700 TSS / week for the last few months) but that 4th week of 1100 TSS just looks near impossible for someone with a reasonably set FTP.

They certainly were right in calling it a challenge…I didn’t have much else planned for February so I think I’ll at least kick it off today and see how far I can make it…

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