10-12 Week FTP Programme

 I am up to week 10 of the programme. Like most I have found a lot of the workouts too easy but I am trying to trust the programme.

I guess some of them might be easy but at 1-1hr 30mins each session is certainly a pain in the ass.

One observation to me is that when there are intervals e.g. 2 x 25m with 10 mins rest that rest is followed by the cool down. It just seems like lazy planning to me and if they have the 10 mins rest followed by a 5 min cool down that they should lose one of them… just a niggling thought every time I do one of these workouts.

Are you update your FTP? The workout will adjust the difficulty level relate to your FTP value. Typically I perform an FTP test once a month.

if your FTP is accurate then it really shouldn’t be that easy.

I did an FTP test just before the programme. I up the difficulty by 5% to make it a little harder. Week 9 and there were 2 harder sessions but no intervals over 100% FTP. Did you find it difficult when you did the programme Declan Stevenson?

The 12 week advanced plan provides more training stress: https://whatsonzwift.com/workouts/12wk-winter-plan-advanced .

Cheers Steve. It looks like a good plan for next winter.

Steve Ellis, 


I like the 12 week program, but the rides are too long.  Is there a good comprise?  1 to 1:30 rides yet has efforts like the Advance program?


The Workouts and training plans on Zwift at whatsonzwift.com is a nice place to review the official workouts. As they say there, “What’s on Zwift? is not the official Zwift website. It is run by fellow Zwift enthusiasts.”