Choosing a training plan: use stress points to decide?

Hi all,

I would like to start my first training plan and am trying to figure out which one it should be. I’ve read some of the recent topics on training plans in this forum and saw some good advice. Some things are still not that clear to me.

If the FTP setting is correct, the training plans should be more or less the same with regard to effort. 92% of your FTP is 92% of your FTP, regardless of the actual FTP. Would it be better to look at the stress points to get a feeling for how hard a training plan really is?

My situation: male, 52, 1,92 m, 84 kg. Used to doing longer rides (80km+) outdoors. Did my first FTP ramp test in November 2020, 257W. Have been Zwifting 4/5 times per week and did a second FTP ramp test 2 weeks ago, 273W. My goal is simply to improve my FTP.

I’ve been looking at both the 12 wk BMU and the 4 wk FTP booster plans. Stress points/week are 318 and 441, respectively. Does this imply the FTP booster is harder?

The FTP booster seems to have a session every day of the week. That seems a bit too ambitious. Yesterday I did the SST (Long) and definitely needed a day in between to recover.