HUD Displays on other riders - why ?

I often see other riders out with their HUD’s showing Watts (that’s the only thing I can make out) but I’m not sure why they have that.


  1. Do I have a HUD that others can see ?

  2. What is the point of the HUD on other riders - just so we can see each others Watts ? The side screen already shows W/Kg ?


I did try searching but only found posts about changing the HUD on your own display. 

Those riders are doing Workouts.

You will have one if you do a Workout.

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I tend to see other riders’ HUD as an indicator that they are following a workout script and not deliberately zooming past and then heaving on the brakes trying to throw me ‘psychologically’. 

Probably an incorrect view on my part but that’s how I translate things. :slight_smile:

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