Hub One compatible with Vintage Dura Ace Racebike 6-speed

I wonder whether I can use a Hub one with my Koga Miyata Fullpro 1980. Have a 6-speed DuraAce and a chainstay width of 125mm…

One more question from a newbie: What will happen if I do not wish to prolong the membership after one year. Will I still be able to use the Hub one and it´s shifting functions or are thee any problems with that?

Thks a lot for your answers!!!

The drivetrain should not be a problem but the trainer’s axle width is 130mm. Steel frames like the Miyata can be modified to widen the chainstays. If you care about the bike I would have it done by a professional. If the bike is in good condition I would probably leave it alone as a lovely vintage ride. If it’s a beater then it would make some sense to modify it.

As far as I know the virtual shifting only works with Zwift but maybe someone from the company can confirm. You could always put a normal cassette on it. If the shifter is Dura Ace 7400 then you can switch it to friction mode and use it with an 8 speed cassette. The 7400 rear derailleur is “special” and won’t work with most other Shimano indexed shifters.


Thank you Paul!!! I would need to use the bike on the road again next year, so widening the chainstays fot the winter training is not my preferred solution. In this case it might be a better idea to buy another bike just for the indoor training.

I thought that with the hub one I just have one sprocket and shifting will be electronic-based. So DuraAce 7200 should not be my problem, or am I wrong?

I would be thankful if somebody from Zwift can answer concerning the functions of the trainer without membership (especially electronic shifting).

Thank you!! Wolfgang

That’s correct, if you got the bike to fit the trainer, it should work fine. My comment was more about using the trainer with some other app, where you might want to put an 8 speed cassette on the trainer. Dura Ace 7200 is friction only so there’s no problem with shifting compatibility.

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One other option: respace the frame to 130mm and also respace the rear hub of your wheel. This usually involves replacing the axle and adding spacers to the non-drive side of the hub, then adjusting the spokes to center the rim between the axle locknuts.

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Paul, thank you again! I think I will go for another bike for the Hub One. My FullPro ist in excellent original condition and so imho it´s not such a good idea wo change anything on the frame.
Concerning the use of the Hub One after membership has ended there is no reply from the company. I will post a separate thread…