HRM mapped to power for hotel exercise bikes

I use a Powercal HRM-based power meter to run Zwift when I travel and stay in hotels with exercise bikes, or when I have access to spin bikes without data transmission. But some day my Powercal will die and they don’t make them any more. What I’ve realized by looking at data is that the calibration procedure used on a Powercal is basically a fitted HR/wkg curve. Why not allow non-racing Zwifters to operate with no power or speed source but with an HRM, based solely on a HRM/wkg curve fitted to that Zwifter’s recent data? Being able to use Zwift makes riding on a hotel exercise bike tolerable, when it otherwise simply wouldn’t be. And I worry about being able to do this in the longer term.

Having just returned from vacation I wholeheartedly agree with this. It would certainly have made my jet-lagged early morning rides in the gym a whole lot more interesting.