Power based on heartrate

(Michael Ziock) #1

With the intro of Zwift on IOS the ability to train anywhere with a heartrate monitor seems well within reach.  Peddling in a hotel exercise room is mind numbing and hotel staff does not take kindly to switching out to power pedals :-). 

Based on having data on each rider and their average heartrate for power output you should be able to give riders an option to generate power based on extrapolation of heartrate.  Trainerroad provides this and it would make the ability to train with Zwift as simple as having a heartrate monitor and your phone.


(K.C. Race3R) #2

I agree completely. Even if our Zwift speed might be a bit dubious, this would be a real game Δer to be able to #ZwiftOnTheGo. #zwiftΔriding

(Bob Venturi) #3

You can use a PowerCal Heart Rate strap.  It uses the variation in your heart rate to estimate power.

You can get one at Amazon for about $60 USD.  Be sure to get the BLE version and not the ANT+ version.

It isn’t the most accurate power meter (by a long shot), but it does pair with Zwift as a Power Meter and HR Monitor.

Just don’t expect it to be super accurate or accurate at all and you won’t be disappointed.  But it will get you riding on Zwift.

(Michael Ziock) #4

@Bob, thanks for the pointer.  For $60.00 it is worth a shot.  Anything is better that staring at the wall of a hotel exercise room :slight_smile: