HR monitor no longer connects

My CooSpo H6 HR monitor worked absolutely fine all last year. Hopped on yesterday and issues. Sometimes connects but no signal other times just can’t find it. Has the latest software update caused an issue? Interested to see if others have had the same problem.

does it have a battery ? and if so make need changing my Polar had same problem and replaced battery

Hi Paul, that was the first thing I thought of so it’s been replaced

BLE or ANT+?

Had a similar issue with my Garmin HRM Dual yesterday… (using BLE)

Exited Zwift, tried running Zwift on my phone (OK), paring through the Companion (OK), restarted Zwift (OK).

No idea…

I think I’d used both last year running the companion app through my samsung tablet. Tried both again today and no luck. Not even on my phone! Might just be a glitch to keep an eye on, hope so

ah may need replacing perhaps ?