How would you read these race results considering power data?

Hello everyone,
two days ago I attended Tour the Zwift Stage 1.
Today I was scrolling through the results in Zwift Power, and comparing myself with other racers from my team, and I noticed the power data output of the teammate in front of me.

Look at the picture down below (I am the last one): we basically have the same avarage power, same normalized power, and I actually perfomed much better during sprints. Plus, even the weight is exactly the same.
I know that the height does make a difference, but look at the timing: I closed the race SIX MINUTES after him.

This is kinda driving me crazy, and I really think there has to be an explanation somewhere…Any help from your experience? Or should I consider this completely normal?

Thanks everyone, ride on!!

Averages don’t tell the whole story. E.g. maybe he drafted better than you. Drafting is huge.

Don’t over-analyse it.

Damn you’re right. I wasn’t considering drafting (which I definitely never mastered yet).
And you just made me remind I was using the time trial zwitft bike, and I just remembered that somewhere I read that TT bikes does not get draft, is that true? That could explain a lot.

Correct, you can’t use any draft on a TT bike, though others can draft behind you.

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