How to tell which riders have smart trainers?

Is there a way we can tell which riders around us (and on leaderboards) are using smart trainers (instead of relying on Z-Power)?

Look for the little ‘lightning bolt’ to the left of their w/kg display or their name. 

Thanks Scott, and does the lightning bolt indicate they have a smart trainer or that they haven’t (in which case I think Zwift uses ‘ZPower’)?

Lightning bolt means the rider is using a power meter. That can be an actual power meter (e.g. Stages) or a Smart Trainer that broadcasts power (e.g. KICKR).


If the icon space isn’t too crowded, it would be sort of neat to have an icon showing the trainer (similar to the graphic on the pairing screen) with a lightning bolt through it for smart trainer use.

Thanks Michael!

It’s not definitive as far as I can see. I use a KICKR, but I let Trainerroad control the power, and Zwift picks up the reported power. In that situation Zwift shows no lightning bolt, even although the KICKR (through Trainerroad) is controlling the power.

Of course when I use the KICKR directly controlled by Zwift it shows properly.