How to stop Zwift selecting a heart rate strap

Zwift keeps selecting my wifes newish Ant+ only Garmin heart rate strap.
I do not select it on start up, it is auto selected by Zwift while in Game.
This anoyingly happens when this strap is connected to another device and Zwift hijacks the device to Zwift, the strap is then disconnected from my wifes App/service.

This heart rate strap is not used on this pc or zwift.

PC windows 11, all up to date.
Ant+ dongle.
I have deleted Zwift and launcher, Documents/ Zwift deleted knowndevices and prefs then restarted.
Re down loaded Zwift.
Launch Zwift. Being careful not to select the heart rate strap, go to the screen where yu would selct yiur ride etc, checking to make sure the heart rate strap has not been paired (middle top), end/close Zwift, go to knowdevices and the heart rate strap is there in the list.

As above in a ride after a few minutes the heart rate strap is auto paired and heart rate of my wife is shown on screen.

(we train in the same area at the same times 'ish on different devices/platforms, all of our gear is in the same area.)

Any help please.

Seems the easiest thing to do would be to pair another HRM.

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