How to set up resistance? Tacx Satori Smart

Hi! I´m new to Zwift and already loving it.

I am using a Tacx Satori trainer, its not a fully smart trainer, but has a manual resistance handle… However I don´t understand how I am supposed to use that manual resistance… or gears on my bike depending on the slope… Am I supposed to just guess the resistance? Is there a way to know with more precision the level of resistance I should be using?

I have been searching all over internet, but haven´t found any clues…


Don’t use the manual resistance, set it at 1 and use your gears.

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Thanks for the advice Paul!

In that case, is there any way to know when to change gears? or should I just guess?

It’s up to you if and when you want to change gears.


Thank you so much Paul!