How to make a black or dark grey frame?

Hey there, hope this is the right place where to ask about this kind of support… Anyway, I have just started and I can’t make my frame black or dark grey with the paintbrush in our garage. It goes from red to yellow to blue to whatever color, but nothing like black or grey.

Is this something that will be available on later levels or it is simply impossible ?

Depends on the Frame.
If you want black, complete the everest challenge. The Trek Emonda you get for it is black.

in my garage the following bikes are black

Cervelo s5
Felt IA (TT)
Parlee esx
Pinarello f8
Specialised allez
Specialized tarmac pro (except the fork)
Trek emonda
Zwift concept z1

Some others in the drop shop
Cannondale system six
Liv langma Advanced SL (Not the right gender)
Ridley helium
Zwift buffalo and safety bikes
Pinarello dogma f10
Pinarello bolide TT
Trek Edmonda sl
Canyon ultimate
Cervelo p5x (vomit)
Cervelo r5
Specialized shivs
Specialised venge

Some of these have logos that stick out a bit though.

Thanks Ben, let me be more clear: IRL I have a Trek Madone that is dark grey, and I was trying to understand how to have the same bike in Zwift…

If I have understood correctly, some colors are specific to some frames, so the Madone can’t be painted dark grey.

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