How to join a pacer or workout whilst free riding?

After finishing an event I notice the ride becomes a free ride. How do you then select say a workout or to join a pacer without ending the ride, saving and having to start again. (events are ok as I can select them in Companion)

Workouts are easy click the menu button and go to workouts.

You can’t join Pace partners without saving the ride.

Thanks, I’ll take a look next time I’m on.
So re pacers, do you have to effectively save and log out of your profile and re load everything to select a new pacer group? that’s what I’ve had to do so far.
(As soon as I press save it logs out of my profile)

should be able to just click end ride then takes you back to main menu then select pace partner from there. shouldn’t require you to log out of profile. (wat device you running Zwift app on?)

Some devices take you back to the login screen, e.g. Apple TV.

I would say that, technically speaking, you can join a RP after completing an event, and without saving. The caveat would be that you would have to find the RP you wanted to join, and you would have to make manual turns to stay with the RP (unless they happen to be on the same route as the event just completed).

You can press “E” during a ride and bring up the workout menu.

Running on Android Tablet, so probably a device issue, sadly no keyboard to press E either. Having already bought a Surface book for Zwift then found it didn’t work, didn’t want to invest in yet another computer.

Just tap the screen, tap the Menu button that appears in the bottom left, and go into the workout menu from that menu screen.