How to create immersive room like the one on Zwift homepage


I’d like to create the immersive room like the one on the Zwift homepage. Based on some quick Googling it appears to be some video mapping going on via multiple projectors.

Can you point me in the right direction on a good DIY resource and ballpark all-in cost?

How did Zwift achieve this? I’ve seen many other examples on Youtube but am having trouble finding DIY guidance.



I am no AV expert, but for certain one very large wide field projector to cover the front half at least and possibly a 2nd for the rear. However, how you could stream 2 different camera views?

Unless you have a 2nd device “watching” your rider and can change views that way.

If that is even possible, i would presume this was all done in a studio with expensive gear and editing to make it look like 1 big wrap around display.

I found the ‘making of the ad’ video by Zwift on Youtube:
They used projection mapping so that’s doable for consumers via good enough projectors. The question is, was this actually Zwift running or was it just video running while they were riding? Then, to your point, if it was Zwift running, how did they make that work with the projectors?

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