Setup with 3 screens, one main and two for immersive purpose (like a flight simulator)

I’m thinking how can I improve my Zwift setup and how can I made it more immersive.
Would it be possible to make a setup with 3 screens like a flight simulator ?
Thank you

I very much doubt it would work and even if it did it wouldn’t give you the effect of looking to the side of you like a quality flight simulator does.
Have you considered a big curved monitor? Doesn’t really change that much, but might do some of what you’re looking for.

I have 3 videoprojectors and a small room with white walls.
I was thinking to create a fully immersive room with landscape scrolling on my sides :star_struck:

Maybe start with this kind of set up:

Not exactly what I’m looking for but it’s a cool setup !

You can use windowed mode and stretch Zwift over 3 screens.

Are you able to increase the FOV to support that resolution?

Hi David.

I have tested this about a year ago after Zwift updated the HUD so that it will stay on the center screen. If I remember correctly then yes it did increase the FOV (field of view), it was as if I could see riders next to me.

That is pretty cool, running with a group or in a peleton, seeing everyone on the sides will add to the immersion if you have a three monitor setup or a ultra wide screen. I may setup a dual monitor so see what can be done here.

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Nice !
Exactly what I’m looking for.
By any chance, do you have a picture or a printscreen ?

I have a picture somewhere, I will see if I can find it.