How to correctly exit Zwift on Android


certainly not important, but I’d like to know what the correct way is to exit the app. I am ‘stuck’ and the start screen where I can either choose my account of change user. But there is no exit button. So I use Android’s home button, but I would expect there to be a correct way. Any ideas?

If important, I am using a Samsung Tab S4 for this.

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I simply save ride after complete and then its exits to the start screen

I use the Samsung Tab S7


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Hi Paul,

Thanks, and how do you exit the start screen, as that probably is the screen I mentioned.

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Your Android version and UI might be different than mine, but hitting the Home button probably leaves Zwift actively running in the background, and it’s probably retaining its Bluetooth/ANT+ connections.

To fully exit the app and release connections, I bring up the Recent Items/Recent Apps list and swipe the Zwift application right/left to remove it from the list.

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Hello Ornoth,

OK, that certainly is better than only the Home-Button. But it is still closing by using Android ‘tools’, so there is not Exit-Button in Zwift, then?

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I don’t use Zwift on my Android phone, but I don’t know of any apps I do use that have an actual exit control. By tradition, on both Android and iOS apps not in use are “frozen” in the system, not necessarily actively using resources (but could be) so they can quickly be reused. To close them you use the method described using the Android tools.

Given how Android handles memory that shouldn’t be an issue, but might be worth seeing if the Bluetooth connection is still active after “closing” the app.

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OK, thanks all for the answers, I will leave it by using the Android tools then.
By the way, just a quick check showed: the bluetooth to my treadmill is not connected anymore after I use the home button in Android.

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It’s definitely different to traditional / all other Android apps in that you can’t edit by pressing the back button.
Don’t know if there’s really any difference, bit just using the home button feels like you’ve left it in a more active state, and swiping up feels a dirty way to close it.
It niggles with me anyway!

New to zwift today and here I am wondering the same thing… My back button does not work to close it or the home button… I have to go to recent apps and close it… Bugging me to…

I just wanted to weigh in, particularly as a former Android app developer, that plenty do have an exit. Especially heavier apps. For a relevant benchmark, see Wahoo RGT, a Zwift competitor, which gives you a full menu with “exit app” that IMHO is much clearer. (Note I’m not promoting RGT - I am primarily a Zwift user, where the roads are more fun!)

So, +1, let’s get a quit/exit option on the home!

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