How to change your time zone

(Johnathan) #1

I’m in AZ and we don’t switch with the time change that just happened. Thus we’ve have switched from MST to PST but all my events still show as MST. Is there anyway to switch this? Thanks!

(Lin) #2

You are in AZ which does not do DST, but you switched from MST to PST? That makes no sense. Most if not all of AZ if I remember correctly, is MST all year long.

Lastly, are you saying that even though the time on your phone is correct, the Companion app is showing the event times off by one hour? Where exactly are you seeing this 1hr time difference?

(Jaivi) #3

select control panel ,select clock

(Thomas Armstrong ZHR (E)) #4

I have the same issue in Germany.

(Johnathan) #5

Sorry yes, I stay on MST/PDT. My companion app was having an issue adjusting to the races like MGF that are now an hour earlier than they were but things have gotten straightened out