How to be FAL in Primes, but not winning a race?

Hey folks,

yesterday I rode the Giant Crit Crushers - Week 4 - Race 2 (EU 0700 PM): RaceID in Zwiftpower 2041062

Luckily I made 2nd place and it was that close (0.039s) to be the win the race.
I checked also FAL in the Primes and saw my time was 0.011 faster than the guy who won the race.

Can you describe why there is a difference, thought the FAL does normally win a race?

Thx and kind regards

What is FAL?

Anyway, the prime looks like it was at the banner at the end of the sprint half way through the race, not at the end. Acording to the prime results, you were first over the line at the sprint banner.

FAL = First across/over the line

For second lap myself was FAL at the sprint banner finish, so for me its mysterious why I haven’t won the race, and why there are different kind of time gaps between the riders finish list and the Primes / FAL list.

Just an explaination would be fine :wink:

Hi Alexander,

saw my time was 0.011 faster than the guy who won the race.

I think one can only say: you were 0.011 rather over the finish line of the second sprint “London Sprint Forward”.

But i agree with you.
In this race there was only one lead-in of 5.7 km and then the complete lap of 5.4 km.
The lead-in lap and the race lap each end with the “London Sprint Forward” banner (at least that’s what I thought so far).
And since this was a “first over the line” race, I would also think that the order of the last lap is also the order of the race.
Of course only if you select the “First over line” button instead of “Fastest time”.

But in all categories you can see that this is not always the case.
Is the finish line of the race still behind the finish line of the sprint banner?
Or does “first over line” mean something completely different in a sprint?
I do not think so.

Unfortunately, I have no explanation for this behavior either, but I see it as you do.
And I would appreciate a good explanation too.

best regards

Well if its the second 2nd time to the banner (the finish), then thats odd.

Where is the Prime defined? I couldnt see it in the event description.

I’m racing already all seasons in Zwift Racing League and there is FAL and FTS always very clearly defined

FAL = First across/over the line → rider crossing the line first
FTS = Fastest through segment → the really fastest time from beginning till end of the chosen segment, here mentioned as fastest time

For this race there is no special definition, but in my opinion if crossing a line as the first one, I won the race.
So anyway, why there are different time gaps between result list and Primes, which I can’t really understand. Shouldn’t it be the exactly same mesurement?

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Hi Dean,

Where is the Prime defined? I couldnt see it in the event description.

The route is available on

And in all of my “London Classique” races, the sprint was also the end of the race.

best regards

Deleted fluff I just wrote - I dont get it @Alexander_Heid !

Yep, know that, I was after where the primes were defined by the organiser. But its a mute point really as Alexander does have a point and according to the data, he could/should have won.

Depends where ZwiftPower is getting those numbers from. I assume that the finish results are taken from Zwift itself as these are used to calculate the results and display them on screen in the game at the end of the race.

From what I have searched it seems Prime times are calculated from the individual rider .fit files. If there is no .fit file then live race data is used. As .fit files are created locally on the user system and race results are created on the Zwift servers you may expect differences (have you ever seen a Zwift race on youtube where the person who crosses the line first on screen doesn’t win because the servers say otherwise?) particularly if the first 5 people are finishing within 0.12 seconds of each other.


That might be an explanatain for this lil kind of difference in the times.
So at least hopefully next time I’m the guy in front of :stuck_out_tongue:

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