How much weight would I have to lose

How much weight would I have to lose to get the same benefit as a rider riding a glowing Tron bike? I’m currently riding a steel frame bike - way cool! and it absorbs the road shock!

There are better bikes than the Tron bike.

Pop over to Zwiftinsider where there are plenty of articles on bike and wheel choice.

But in reality there’s only handful of seconds difference.


Well it depends.
You can check on this website which bike is best for which route:

and as you can see, the Tron bike is usually not the best for any of the routes (either there is a better climbing bike or a better “flat” bike).

But in either case, we are talking about a few seconds on a several minutes course.

If you loose only joust 1 kg/3lbs you should make several minutes of a difference on a very long climb.