How i get DQ in this race events

Can you check why im got Dq here.?

I suspect Next Cup is like Zwift Insider Tiny Races, you must complete a day’s races without a break, you don’t appear to have done race 2.

You should have been DQed on 21st, you don’t have race 2 showing in Tiny Races. :rofl:

The next cup races both requires that you finishes all 3 races, and dual recording for A riders. Its always a good idea to check the rules in the description before jumping in to a race

• Must finish each race to be scored
• Duals required for all racers to be scored in Category A
• 100% trainer difficulty required in Category A
• HRM required for all in Cat A/B and podium in C/D”

Ah thats why.hehe.thanks

Thanks joakim.i cant race for the 2nd one because my legs cant recover.nice race but so suffering my legs.hehe.thanks again.:heart::+1:

That’s the idea of the series. everyone is fatigued so the challenge is doing back to back races not skipping a race then coming back fresher for later races when everyone else is totally dead.