How does Categories work?

I was promoted to B, before being truly competitive to win a C Race. Now I’m close to 4 W/Kg, which is close to promote to A and I’m still not even top 75% on Cat B Races.

How is it possible that in Category Enforcement races there are B Cat riders with consistent 4,5 W/Kg??

Example of top 1 in Cat B Zwift Games:
zwiftpower profile: 1552934
Normalized power always over 4,5 W/Kg why he’s not a A Cat?

Will be nice to feel competitive in our own levels at some point.

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The rider you mention has zFTP below the Watt floor for A category. This is common for riders who report very low weight. As long as his zFTP remains below 250W he will never be A.

By the way, the VirtuSlo events put on by @DejanPresen do not have a Watt floor so you probably would not end up racing against people like that. Check if any of these race times work for you: