How do you use Ride On / Bell / Hammer Time / I'm Toast / Nice ?

Are there any instructions on the use of these buttons within Zwift Mobile Link?

I’ve been using Zwift for ages and I have no idea how to use these…

(to the point that I haven’t even bothered with them in a long time)


Ride On / Bell

Hammer Time / I’m Toast



I was pressing Bell like a mad fiend coming tearing down the mountain through the Swiss village and … nothing.  It should have sounded like a berserk ice cream van and … silence.  Is it a Swiss thing?  Sound is verboten?  Do I not hear my OWN bell?  Who does ?

I don’t understand how these buttons get used…  Apparently it is some way to have rider interaction, but that suggests you would be able to target that at a particular rider and it’s not at all obvious how you accomplish that.


On the mobile link you just press the bell button and the bell will ring, you will hear your own bell and those close to you will also hear it to. 

Do you hear the other games sounds like birds, rain , cobble stone or thunder (my favorite). 

Sweat on your hands can make it difficult for the phone to recognized the input, also if you have the phone in a water proof case this can also make it difficult to get it to work.


Or you can use your Keyboard:

Thanks everyone!

Here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. I have “Game Sounds” disabled, but “Environment Sounds” are Max. 

The Bell is considered part of “Game Sounds” … now I hear the bell  :)

  1.  TitaniumGeek Unofficial Manual

always a great reference…


Quote: “Elbow flick”, “Wave”, “Bell”, “Hammer time”, “I’m toast”, “Ride ON!” and “Nice” – are all purely gestures.

Ok “Bell” isn’t really a “gesture” in my opinion, but I guess everything else must be … i.e. subtle rider movements.  I’ll have to pay more attention next time I’m on course.

  1. Sweat on your hands

Kind of off-topic, but I use some old Castelli gloves with a terry wipe panel, as well as Nike Dri-Fit wristbands - which I HIGHLY recommend, they are awesome…  I bought a QuadLock case with their Poncho cover, but don’t use the Poncho because it impedes the touch quite a bit.  It would be great in a monsoon however.  



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Glad you got that fixed, I hope to hear your bell next time you are on the road.

Yes that manual is very nice, it must be a requirement to read it before riding on Zwift. I should have posted it but was not sure if it was covered.