How do I take a paid membership?

(Sudipto) #1

Sorry to sound so dumb but I am at the end of my free subscription (down to less than a kilometer) and now that I want to pay for a full normal subscription where on earth is the button to upgrade?
For the life of me, I cannot locate any such button that asks me to pay. Is it in the app or in the website? Can someone help please? I want to prepare for a tough tour coming up in two months.
Thanks and regards

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

This should help you:

(Sudipto) #3

Thanks a lot Paul. This is precisely what I was looking for. But now I have a second question - the link says “Renews 1st March”. Does it mean if I pay $15 today, it expires at the end of February (which is just 16 days away) and I have to pay again on 1st March? Or do I pay again after 30 days from today - which is 11th March?
Sorry for asking too many questions. Just trying to understand how it works.
Thanks and regards

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

Not totally sure, but mine renews every 21st of the month not the 1st.

You could submit the question here and see what Zwift support says:

(Sudipto) #5

Thanks a lot once again. I will do that but on second thoughts - I am going to buy it in any case. So might as well find it out from the credit card statement :slight_smile: Renewal policy might be different for old members.
Thanks for all the help.

(Sudipto) #6

Hey Paul
I got both the answers to my questions yesterday. A. The upgrade button can be seen when one clicks on the profile. B. The next payment will be auto deducted one month from the day I made the first payment and not from the beginning of the next month.
Now I am a paid subscriber :slight_smile: